Radiate energy , feel on top of the world, and never say “I can’t” or “I’m too old again! by establishing the habit of meaningful fitness in your life.



Be part of the New Over 50 Lifestyle

What is Long Live Gen X Membership?

The team at Power@50 and guests collaborators have created a library of workouts specifically designed to help you progress in your fitness goals at any stage in this wonderful chapter of your life.

Every week we release new videos to match the different goals and likes of our community.

Lots of variety, lots of focus, and lots of guidance and support!

With Power@50 Long Live Gen X Membership, fitness becomes an essential, non-negotiable part of your life!

All you need to do is show up, enjoy, and reap the many health and mental benefits that come with exercising the smart and meaningful way at 50+!

Is Long Live Gen X Membership for you if you are new to fitness?

Not yet! If you’re new to fitness we recommend you start with our First Steps and Habit Builder Program.

Why? Because we need you to gently ease into fitness and exercise to ensure solid, injury-free foundations  to last you a life-time.

Once you’ve completed both programs, we’ll offer you the option to sign to Power@50 membership, and then, yes! The fitness world is your oyster!

What if you are not new to fitness?

If you are not new to fitness and are ready to progress with the guidance and support of our team, Long Live Gen X Membership is for you.

If you want to anchor the habit of fitness and exercise into your life, and explore where it can take your, don’t think about it twice!

Our extensive, ever-increasing library of content will offer the kind of variety, purpose, and different levels you need to benefit from and progress in all the key areas of your fitness life: strength, cardio, mobility and endurance.

How is Long Live Gen X Membership Structured?

Our library is categorised by: Fitness Style and Fitness Goals.

We have also created monthly programs to help you workout in a more organised way, and to add variety to your routines, ensuring you never plateau or get demotivated.

Many of our programs are based on are two signature workouts: PowerUp and PowerGroove, but we also incorporate a broad range of dance, strength, HIIT, mobility and balance workouts, so you always have many different options to choose from.

Every week we release new videos prepared by us and our partner instructors, to match your different goals and likes.

No chance you’ll get bored!

Surprise yourself and discover what you can achieve with Power@50 Membership!

And yes, long live Gen X!

Are the membership classes online?

Yes, our classes are pre-recorded and online.

But don’t worry! You’ll be carefully guided through your program and in every single class by us.

We’ll share recommendations and tips to help you make the most of all the classes on offer.

And if you feel you have any questions or require further support, simple send us an email or talk to us and the rest of the Power@50 community on our Facebook group.

What do you need to join Long Live Gen X Membership?

All you need are happy vibes, a good dose of commitment and accountability.

Our membership is fun, it might be challenging at times, but it will definitely bring about those health benefits we all need at our age…

You’ll also benefit from a new mindset that will make you look at the world through a more positive, happy lens.

You’ll feel stronger, you’ll feel more confident, and yes, you’ll feel more joyful!

However, it’s important that you invest in your health and commit to the routines prepared for you in our membership.

And, don’t worry, we won’t let you find any excuses!

Persistence is key to creating a healthy, stronger lifestyle at over 50!

And while it might be hard initially, it will get easier and in no time, you’ll be working out automatically!

We also recommend that you talk to a healthcare professional about your intention to improve your fitness habits by joining Power@50 Long Live Membership. Unless you have any previous conditions that might prevent you from embarking on this fitness journey with us, most doctors will encourage you to activate and energise your body through fitness sessions like those we’ve designed for you here.

How are other Gen Xers feeling about our membership?


With Power@50 I discovered I don’t need to be in a gym surrounded by 20 years old to enjoy fitness at 50! I love the energy and strength of their classes and I feel leaner and stronger than I have felt in a long time!


I was really tired of young people telling me how to exercise and how to eat!  I finally found a group of people who understand me. I now have so much fun with their workouts and I feel so fit!


I thought this could be another trend that comes and go but it’s really making a difference in my life. I was getting so bored with all the walking!





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