We are not about bikini bodies, sudden weight lost programs or magic fitness fads.

We are about carefully crafted fitness programs that will help you enjoy this new chapter in your life to the fullest!

At Power@50 Fitness Community the spotlight is on your fitness, your long-term health and your overall wellbeing.

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We want you to live longer while enjoying the quality of life while you deserve while feeling supported and having fun!

We want you to feel inspired, guided, and supported

We want to inspire you to enjoy a more “meaningful fitness journey through powerful routines, a healthy lifestyle, and a community of like-minded people motivated by our over50 instructors from around the world.

By joining our online programs and/or participating in our live events you become part of a community that supports the over 50 in a range of important aspects of this new chapter of our lives – from physical, to mindset, to confidence and socialisation.

We want to make a real impact on your health


In Australia, only 1 out of 10 persons aged over 50 do enough physical activity to obtain any kind of cardiovascular benefit.


Physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide, putting it on par with the dangers of smoking and obesity.

At Power@50, we want to help change those statistics.

We want to make an impact on your health and wellbeing through the power of focused, fun fitness and community.

Because, getting older doesn’t mean we stop.

It just means we keep moving and keep striving for a life of good health and happiness.

We want you to feel powerful

We want to break the stereotype and the mindset that a person over 50 begins an irreversible downhill journey which leads towards pain, illness and a sedentary lifestyle.

Instead, with us you’ll feel in control of your health, your weight and your lifestyle choices.

With us you’ll feel energised, revitalised, confident, and ready to make the most of this wonderful new chapter of your life!

We believe...

There is a clear need for inclusive spaces and platforms that send a powerful message that age is not a limitation when it comes to feeling strong, healthy and powerful.

We ARE now that Safe and Respectful SPACE for you.

At Power@50 you’ll never feel judged. Fearful. Or pressured to look or act in a certain way.


Power@50 Founders


Co Founder & CEO

Tere is the Power@50 concept creator.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, and currently aged 56, Tere is a multifaceted professional and entrepreneur.

She has spent the last 15 years of her life making small and medium size businesses all over the world shine with her copywriting and digital marketing skills.

She also holds a Cert III in Fitness and is a qualified Strong Nation Instructor.

Tere is highly passionate about her family, fitness and travel!


Fitness is my source of inspiration and an integral part of who I am.
I can’t imagine a day without practicing some form of exercise!
At 55 I feel as healthy and energetic as I have ever been, and now I want to share this mindset with people over 50 around the world!



Co Founder & Master Trainer

Kitinn Kapunan is a dancer, fitness instructor and health and wellness enthusiast. 

Her love for dance, yoga, social sports and long distance running nudged her slowly from doing fitness as a mere hobby into a big passion, first qualifying as an instructor for Zumba and later for various programs such as Bounce DanceFit, Piloxing SSP and Strong Nation.

During the lockdown in 2020 she started teaching group fitness classes online, and furthered her qualifications to being a certified instructor for Piloxing Booty Builder and Mat Pilates.

She is the founder of k10crew.com, an on demand fitness platform where she teaches many of her popular choreographies in different formats.


I believe that there are barriers (real and perceived) that can keep us from enjoying movement and I am passionate about facing those challenges head on and creating fun ways to overcome them.
My goal is to help people of all walks of life to be the best version of themselves through movement.


Our signature workouts

We are constantly working to create customised workouts that will activate your body and make you feel stronger while having a wonderful time!